Raising awareness of neuroendocrine cancers around the world

NET Cancer Day

November 10


Aug 20 2016

Social media campaign World NET Cancer Day

November 10 is World NET Awareness Day and we need your help!
Use your social media accounts to help us spread the news about NET Cancers. Using the power of social media we are hoping to highlight key messages on the plight of NET Cancer patients.

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Key messages: 
• 5-7 out of every 100.000 are diagnosed with #netcancer each year http://incalliance.org

• 50% of #netcancer patients have secondary growths at diagnosis http://incalliance.org

• 60-80% of patients are diagnosed with #NETCANCER at advanced stage showing the need for symptom awarenesshttp://incalliance.org

• Misdiagnosing is common. On average #netcancer patients see 6 healthcare professionals over 12 visits before a correct diagnosishttp://incalliance.org

• Symptoms of #netcancer are often similar to more common conditions: IBS, asthma, diabetes http://incalliance.org

• #netcancer can arise throughout the body in organs that contain #neuroendocrine cells such as the stomach, bowel, lungs, pancreashttp://incalliance.org

• Nearly all #NETCANCER are considered to be malignant as they grow uncontrollably and spread http://incalliance.org

• More than 80% of #netcancer patients stopped working as a result of their cancer http://incalliance.org

• Patients treated in a #netcancer specialist centre feel more empowered and knowledgeable about their treatment and carehttp://incalliance.org

• The incidence of #neuroendocrine cancer is low, but #netcancer patients are everywhere. Thankfully, many live long & happy lives. #netcancerday http://incalliance.org

• Over 1000 events held throughout the world on November 10th to promote awareness of #netcancerday http://incalliance.org

• #netcancer if you don’t suspect it you can’t detect it #netcancerday http://incalliance.org

• If you’re organizing an event for NET Cancer Awareness Day, share it by tweeting to @netcancerday http://incalliance.org

• More than 8,000 people signed our petition to promote awareness of #neuroendocrine tumors #netcancer. Sign our petition http://netcancerday.org



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