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November 10


May 23 2013

Teodora Kolarova Wins BAPRA Bright Award for “Follow the Zebra” Public Relations Campaign


Congratulations to Teodora Kolarova, a member of the Board of Directors of the International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance (INCA) and Chairperson of INCA’s Communications Committee, upon winning a BAPRA Bright Award 2013in the category “Innovative Campaign.”  The award recognized the “Follow the Zebra” public relations campaign which included a flash mob for NET Cancer Day 2012 and the 5-cartoon campaign of Netty the Zebra, created to bring about greater awareness of neuroendocrine cancer. The cartoons were featured in a calendar created especially for physicians and distributed to over 1,000 members of the medical community.

BAPRA Bright Awards, the only public relations (PR) contest in Bulgaria, affords PR professionals the opportunity to be among the leaders of the communications sector in Europe. The honorable Jury Committee of the Bright Awards is comprised of prominent international PR experts, with worldwide expertise in communications.  This year’s jury was chaired by Francis Ingham, Executive Director of ICCO, the global organization representing over 1,500 PR agencies in 28 national associations from around the world and the Director General of the UK PR consultancy Association (PRCA).

About Ms. Kolarova’s entry, juror Rohit Bhargava, CEO and founder of Influential Marketing, who gave the maximum score to the project, wrote in his evaluation: “Really loved the innovative approach to try and get this rare disease to stick in people’s minds. I could see how this would break through the clutter. The smart use of flash mobs and more modern methods also made this campaign memorable and effective. Great job!”

Ms. Kolarova has represented the Bulgarian cancer patient organization APOZ and Friends on the INCA Membership Council since March 2011. In her capacity as APOZ Communications Consultant, she has been dedicated to promoting cancer awareness and prevention, especially neuroendocrine cancers.  Ms. Kolarova has a background in communications, strategic counseling, media relations consultancy, creative writing, and project management.  She is the founder and owner of the public relations firm, PR NET.