Raising awareness of neuroendocrine cancers around the world

NET Cancer Day

November 10


NET Cancer Day Picture Party


One of the activities for NET Cancer Day on November 10th will be a streaming of photos from social media using the hashtag #NETCancerDay to form a Slide Show on the NET Cancer Day website.

Doing this will help us show to the world the astonishing diversity of Neuroendocrine disorders, emphasising the often long periods of time before gaining a diagnosis, and the misdiagnoses that happen before the true picture is revealed.


We hope you would like to get involved!

This is all you need to do to help us spread the message about NETs:

– Share your photo by posting it on our Facebook page and tag it #NETCancerDay
– Or post a tweet on Twitter with your picture using the hashtag #NETCancerDay
– As long as it contains this hashtag, it will upload automatically to our feed.
– View the“NET Picture Party” feed on our Facebook page. Photos on fb here ….
or view the“NET Picture Party” pictures feed here …. (the upload can take some time)



NET Cancer Day Picture Theme

There are different themes you can join taking your picture.

  • NET Picture Party
    To mark the Annual World NET Cancer Awareness Day, on November 10th. We like to show the world that ‘zebras’ – people affected by NET Cancer – are everywhere, and that we are a community joined together across countries and continents.

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  • Name Your NET Hero
    Send us a photo of your NET Hero, and a line or two describing why he or she is your hero. Be it your doctor, nurse, spouse, friend, partner, colleague, etc., or all of them, bring these people to the spotlight, make their names and faces recognized on a global scale! Read more Name your hero


  • NET Cancer Day Selfies
    • Download our placard template here
    • Write or type a short answer (1 or 2 words) to the questions as large as possible. Please use black ink and check that the text is readable before sending in your photos

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Here’s an example photo selfie.

JG 2014 NCD photo 2 copy

Please note

Using the hashtag #NETCancerDay when uploading your photo indicates that you give INCA permission to use your photo on their website and in onward publicity. Your contact details will not be shared in any onward communication using your photo.