Raising awareness of neuroendocrine cancers around the world

NET Cancer Day

November 10

July 10

NET Zebra Patient Journey Featured in five episode Cartoon Sequel

Why is the zebra associated with NETs? Find out in a charming cartoon sequel following the journey of a NET cancer patient, starting on July 10. Presented in an engaging and straightforward manner, with a well-intentioned sense of humor, the 5-episode zebra story builds up to NET Cancer Day, which is marked globally on November 10. Read rest of article.

June 13

Neuroendocrine Tumours: A Guide for Nurses

Neuroendocrine Tumours:  A Guide for Nurses has been written for nurses who care for patients affected by neuroendocrine tumours (NETs).  The guide provides a detailed understanding of the various types of NETs, the methods of investigation, and treatment options, as well as an overview of the challenges faced in living with NETs. Read rest of article.

November 9

Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Day Update: Events from Australia to Europe to North America

Go around the globe for the second Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Day (WNCAD) on November 10, 2011. Throughout that day, videos featuring NET events and experts will air online as the sun travels west, from Australia to Europe to North America. Read rest of article.

October 31

Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Day Unites People Around the World on November 10

Around the world on November 10! This year, NET Cancer Day joins people together from around the world via a global web video event. Watch with us as NET Cancer Day begins in Australia, and moves across the globe. Read rest of article.

October 28

16 United States Governors Support NET Cancer Awareness

We are very pleased to announce the support of 16 US Governors as of October 27th for  NET Cancer Awareness Day and more proclamations and letters of support are on the way! Read rest of article.

October 25

Dutch NET Group Presents NET Seminar on November 5th

The Dutch NET Community, Stichting NET-groep, has organized a seminar for patients, family members and medical professionals on November 5th from 10 am to 4 pm. Read rest of article.

September 25

CNETS Canada’s Weekend of Awareness Raising/Fundraising Walks for NET Cancer

From Alberta to Newfoundland, many in the Canadian NET cancer community are participating in a series of awareness raising/fundraising walks this weekend.  The walks have been organized by CNETS (Carcinoid Neuroendocrine Tumor Society) Canada Read rest of article.

August 25

5,000 Mile Journey to Raise Funds for London Hospital

On August 20, carcinoid survivor Andrew Gordon began a 5,000 mile motorcycle ride, covering three countries – England, Wales, and Scotland – in 18 days to raise funds for The Royal Marsden Hospital in London where he has been treated for six years. Read rest of article.

August 15

Racing for a Cause: Please Vote for the Carcinoid Car

What is the Carcinoid Car?  It’s a specially designed, virtual Toyota Camry entered into the Sponsafier 4 competition by Danielle, daughter of a carcinoid patient, to help bring about greater awareness of carcinoid cancer. Read rest of article.

August 4

Unicorn Foundation Team Participates in Melbourne, Australia Marathon

The Unicorn Foundation will send a team of about 100 runners to participate in the Melbourne Marathon on Sunday, October 9th. Team members can choose from 5km, 10km, half or full marathon courses. Read rest of article.