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November 10


Sep 19 2014

Kids’ resources on Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia

Medikidz™ comics on multiple endocrine neoplasia types 1 and 2 (MEN1 and 2)


INCA member, the Association for Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Disorders (AMEND) has sponsored the production of Medikidz™ comics on multiple endocrine neoplasia types 1 and 2 (MEN1 and 2). MEN disorders are inherited syndromes comprising more than one type of neuroendocrine tumour. Each child of an affected parent has a 1 in 2 chance of inheriting the condition. NETs occurring in MEN include those in the pancreas and phaoechromocytomas amongst others.

It is never easy trying to tell a child that they have or are at risk of having a genetic disorder. Children learn different things at different ages. In many instances however, this needs to be done, whether to ensure compliance with hospital tests or to discuss genetic testing. This is why AMEND worked with Medikidz™ to produce the exciting, vibrant and simply-written comic books. Comics, together with a leaflet on how to talk to children about MEN are available FREE to patients via AMEND.

To learn more about the comics which were produced as part of AMEND’s ‘Project Superhero!’ funded by the UK National Lottery, please visit the AMEND (HONCode certified) website: http://amend.org.uk/how-we-help/project-superhero.html

For more information about Medikidz™, visit: http://www.medikidz.com/

Coming soon will be corresponding children’s website animations on MEN1 and MEN2, so keep an eye on the AMEND website for further news!

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