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November 10


Nov 12 2010

Fun Run Raises Carcinoid Cancer Awareness

MISSOULA, Mont. — Some cancers are so rare, it can take five to seven years for doctors to correctly diagnose them.

Family and friends of patients in Missoula are spreading awareness of carcinoid cancer.

Most carcinoid tumors are found in the G-I tract.

Diarrhea, flushing, abdominal pain and wheezing are a few of the signs of carcinoid cancer.

Denise Copeland’s sister has carcinoid cancer. She says it is very hard to diagnose. “Some physicians aren’t even aware of carcinoid cancer because it is considered a rare disease. There is only one drug on the market for the treatment of carcinoid. Normally, chemo is not a good option because it is considered a slow growing cancer. So, surgery is considered the best choice for most patients.”

Copeland and other volunteers are organizing a fun run in Missoula called the ‘Run For Hope.’

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