Raising awareness of neuroendocrine cancers around the world

NET Cancer Day

November 10


Sep 25 2011

CNETS Canada’s Weekend of Awareness Raising/Fundraising Walks for NET Cancer

From Alberta to Newfoundland, many in the Canadian NET cancer community are participating in a series of awareness raising/fundraising walks this weekend.  The walks have been organized by CNETS (Carcinoid Neuroendocrine Tumor Society) Canada, the only charity to support NET cancer research in Canada. The overall goal is to raise $60,000 with walks on September 24 and 25.

Among the walkers are Maureen Coleman, President of CNETS Canada, and Friends who will do a Golden Triangle Walk in Toronto today.  Dr. Girish Shah (Board Member, CNETS Canada) and his neuroendocrine cancer research team at the CHUQ Research Center (Quebec City) climbed the “promenade des Gouverneurs” stairs and its 309 steps on September 24th to raise money for NET cancer research.  Read more about this country-wide effort and the many amazing men, women and children who are supporting the NET cancer community.