Raising awareness of neuroendocrine cancers around the world

NET Cancer Day

November 10


Nov 2 2010

Canadian House of Commons Members’ Statement on Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Day

Carcinoid-Neuroendocrine Tumour Society-Canada (CNETS Canada)
La Société canadienne du cancer carcinoïde Neuroendocrinien. (SCCCNE du Canada)

House of Commons Members’ Statement.


Tuesday November 2nd, 2010.
(Part A)

Speaker: The Honourable Peter Milliken.


Carolyn Bennett

Hon. Carolyn Bennett (St. Paul’s Lib.):

Mr. Speaker,

It is my honour to rise here today to support Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Day on November 10.
NET—or Neuroendocrine Tumors is the umbrella term for a group of unusual, slow-growing cancers, which develop from cells in the diffuse endocrine system. They are found most often in the lung or gastrointestinal system but can be found in other parts of the body.

Often misdiagnosed—up to 90% of the time—as another kind of ailment, NET cancer is now twice as common as pancreatic cancer. That makes it the fastest growing cancer community worldwide. I rise here today, Mr. Speaker with the hope that these words will spark awareness of this often under-reported and under-served and unknown cancer group.

Across our country, there are limited treatment options for Canadians suffering from NET tumours. Health Canada has yet to approve yttrium and lutetium. It is my hope that by making more people aware of this cancer there will be steps taken to invest more resources into helping diagnose, treat and care for NET cancer patients in Canada and around the world.