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NET Cancer Day

November 10


Oct 18 2010

Canada’s Dufferin County Council Proclaims Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Day

The Dufferin County Council in Ontario, Canada, has named November 10th as Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Day.  This is the first municipal proclamation for the Worldwide NET Cancer Awareness Day in Ontario and in Canada. All members of the council signed the proclamation at the October 14th council meeting held in Orangeville. The Dufferin County Council consists of 14 members from 8 area municipalities.

Maureen Coleman, president of the Carcinoid Neuroendocrine Tumor Society (CNETS) of CanadaLinda DeanDufferin’s Chief Administrative Officer; and Bev Claxton, Orangeville resident, were all present for the proclamation. Ms. Coleman, Ms. Claxton, and Ms. Dean are all NET patients. The Headwaters Health Care Centre in Orangeville be will the location for an event on November 5th to further promote NET cancer awareness and to acknowledge the professional staff who suspected a neuroendocrine tumor in a local patient.

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